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Church Membership

Are you interested in Spiritualism? Would you like to know more about its philosophy, practices and administration? 

Why not consider applying for Church Membership, where there is the satisfaction of belonging to a Church affiliated to a national organization of people devoted to a common purpose.

The basis of our membership is an avowal of belief in the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.




We cordially invite you to take the first step towards full membership of our Church by becoming an Associate Member. Members are entitled attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Church and Full Members are eligible to raise matters of concern, suggest improvements and ways forward, and vote in any elections. 

Full Members receive a discount on some evenings of Clairvoyance and educational workshops held within the Church. As a Full Member you are eligible wear the SNU Badge.

Church Membership Application Process:

Once you have completed the application form for Associate Membership please hand it to the Members Secretary or a member of the Church Executive Committee.

Frequently Asked Questions


What happens next?

The Members Secretary will place your application before the next monthly meeting of the Church Executive Committee. If your application for Associate Membership is accepted by the Committee, then you will be notified in writing by the Members Secretary. Your Associate Membership will start from the date you pay your Associate Member subscription fee.

This gives you six months to learn more about the Church and the religious philosophy of Spiritualism and time to consider whether or not you wish to accept the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

You will also receive a free booklet ‘An Outline of Spiritualism for the Enquirer’ to help you learn more.


When can I become a full member?

In six months time the Members Secretary will again place your application before the Church Executive Committee, this will be for an ‘Invitation into Full Membership’. This invitation will depend on whether your Associate Membership subscriptions are in order along with regular attendance to Church services/events.  

On being invited into Full Membership by the Committee your Full Membership will start from the date you sign the Members Roll which signifies that you are prepared to accept the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. 


How much will I have to pay in subscription?

Membership Subscription:  £7.00 payable annually on 1st January.
Full Membership Subscription:  £10.00 for the employed and £8.00 for senior citizens and the unwaged, payable annually on 1st January.

Your first subscription fee of £7.00 becomes payable once you have been accepted as an Associate Member and annually on 1st January thereafter. Once accepted into Full Membership your Full Membership subscription fee becomes payable.  
Associate Members becoming Full Members will only have to pay the difference between the Associate Membership subscription fee and the Full Membership subscription fee. 

Please note:
The Church Executive Committee has the right to refuse an application for both Associate and Full Membership, if this is the case you will be notified in writing.  You also have the right to decline the Invitation into Full Membership if you wish by informing the Members Secretary in writing.  Membership is not open to anyone who is a member of a religious organisation which holds beliefs or includes practices incompatible with the Seven Principles.

If you have any queries regarding any aspects of Church Membership please do not hesitate to contact the Members Secretary who will be pleased to assist you.
Members Secretary: Melinda Bassett 07920742238

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